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Turf the Valley is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money to turf Montville High School’s stadium, known as “Death Valley” to opposing teams. Artificial turf requires no cutting, no watering, no seeding, aerating, or other chores associated with the maintenace of natural grass. It has also been proven that injuries are less likely to occur on turf than on a grass field.

A question of funding was posed to the voters of Montville in 2005 and was defeated. Additionally, the general budget for the Board of Education was defeated in 2007. A committee of concerned Montville citizens has taken it upon themselves to start a fund raising campaign similar to what other districts have done to raise this money.

Taking into account the cost of inflation and a time frame of 18-36 months, it has been estimated that we will need approximately $900,000 to achieve our goal. Our plan is to ask 1000 families to donate $300 each. We will approach 300 businesses and ask them to donate $1000 each. That will get us two-thirds of the way there. Additional funds will be raised through conventional, but creative fund raisers. And remember, all donations are 100% tax deductible.


Contact us or speak to one of the committee members listed below for more information. -->

The Turf The Valley referendum will be held on 9/27/11. Go to the BOE web site HERE to view the full information.



• Carolyn Armbruster
• Mark Breznak
• Carmen Cerreto
• Michael Duddy
• Steve Viviano
• David Fano
• Denise Gauweiler
• Joe Levine
• Alan Meytrott
• Dawn Mulligan
• Ray Mulligan
• Joe Quade
• Tom Sauerborn
• Kathy Witty
• Leigh Witty
• Gerry Gallagher






-Photos of "Broncos Teams for Turf" and the Kiwanis Fund Walk are now up! Click here to see some.

Corporate/Private sponsorships available at the High School Stadium field. Purchase your 4' x 6' banner to be hung around the stadium field. Contact Us for more information.

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